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Worth Everything

Worth It, Book 4

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Can you find love when you no longer know who you are?

Anastasia Renaldi’s life is a lie. In one fell swoop, she loses her job, her family, and her very identity. Can she truly be the illegitimate daughter of the long-dead Michael Worth?

Attorney Gavin Westmore knows two things—how much Worth Luxury Goods is worth, and that his new client is a gold-digger. But as long as he can collect his fee, what does he care how calculating and devious she is?

After numerous meetings that turn into late nights that turn into even more, he starts to uncover the hurt and confused woman Stasia is underneath. If part of this company rightfully belongs to her, he has no doubts she’ll be a valuable asset.

But once they’re done untangling the web of deceit that brought them here, will there be any room left in her life for love?

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