Vegas Nights 3.0 Wild Nights Karen Erickson.jpg

Wild Nights

Vegas Nights, Book 3


There are no limits in Vegas…

Natalie’s girls-weekend went bust as soon as her friends walked into the party.

Running into a rock star—literally—might just be exactly what she needs to have a little fun of her own. Her drink’s dripping down his chest, and it’s all she can do resist licking it off.

Noah Wilde doesn’t believe in resisting urges. Not the one he has for the blue-eyed bombshell in front of him, cleaning him up. Not the one where the two of them ditch the party for an all-night adventure. And definitely not the one that has them testing out the very definition of Sin City.

Until the sun rises, and resisting seems like the honorable choice. It could be over. Or it could be just the beginning.

It’s last call.